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Interesting object on Ascension Island

I saw Ascension Island mentioned on the BBC News website today. Having recently gained a great interest in Geology and Earth Sciences, I thought I would have a look using the satellite view in Google Maps. A lot of the imagery of the island is ‘redacted’, I assume because there is an air base there….

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Tastecard on your bank statement? Don’t cancel your debit card!

A word of warning… if you buy Cineworld vouchers via Tastecard, when the transaction appears on your bank statment, it will show If like me you can’t think what that transaction is and tap that address in, it is just a dodgy looking affiliate links site. That immediately put my fraud antennae up and…

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Lost boy finds his Mother after 25 years using Google Earth

What an amazing story. If you were involved in the creation of that amazing resource, it must be a wonderful feeling to read stories like this:

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People try to balance arguments about the strangest things – upsetting hackers.

Is it just me? The article below contains a couple of counter-arguments in an attempt to balance the rights of hackers against the attempts by GCHQ to disrupt their activities. For example: “Legally, we enter a very grey area here; where members of Lulzsec were arrested and incarcerated¬†for carrying out DoS attacks, but it seems…

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About Time

I don’toften feel so moved by a film that I immediately want to come home and share it with the world, but Richard Curtis’ ‘About Time’ is one of those very few. What a masterful piece of work, full of smiles and humour and definately tears. I love Time Travel, it is the single most…

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Ignorant phone users (Sainsbury’s)

Take a look at this news story on the Beeb news site:¬† I say good for the checkout operator, ignorant bloody woman. I see it as the height of bad manners to be chatting on a mobile whilst the operator scans your stuff. They have to tell you how much it is at the end,…

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Mexican Top Gear

Seems to me the Top Gear presenters should have mentioned another stereotypical feature of Mexicans that we have not noticed before. Clearly they have no sense of humour either! ( Stereotypes have been the source of many of the worlds funniest jokes. If you can’t laugh at yourself then what can you laugh at? Lighten…

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Seekers Lettings in Ashford

If you are thinking of renting a property and it’s being let by Seekers Lettings in Ashford Kent, there is something you might like to consider… When you leave, they will hang on to your deposit for months. I believe the law says it should be returned within ten days of vacation and agreement of…

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Cutting cards

A few days ago, I cut up a credit card. Quite a brave thing to do perhaps? Not really in that the one I cut up was not the one I meant to cut up! My new company Visa card arrived and I got round to signing it and getting the old one out to…

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Perhaps a strange title to use for my first blog entry on this site! But it means ‘Finally, I got round to installing my own blog again!’. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between me and my blog. Hope it’s of some interest to someone, please do comment.

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