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The Cloud Appreciation Society

After many years of looking, at last I have become a member of this inspiring group of people. I wear sunglasses a lot, I think my eyes have become more sensitive as I have aged. They have polarised lens and they bring out the edges and detail in the clouds like you wouldn’t believe. Sometimes…

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Radio Downloader

As you may have seen elsewhere here, I am a Radio 4 / Radio 4 extra maniac. I am always wanting to keep programmes I have enjoyed and frequently search about for a piece of software that would let me download them. There are plenty out there but none really do the trick. Until today…

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Saving a version of a Visual Basic 6 project

I’m writing this one up as it took me hours to locate an answer on the net. I had been working on a project in Visual Basic 6. The project was issued and distributed and I had to move on to adding new features. I wanted to do this by saving a copy of the…

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Ain’t the internet wonderful? Probe and Jamie Dodger

Ain’t it? Once upon a time, a memory was just that. Now you can find those memories and order them up from goodness knows where in the world. Then the memory drops on your mat… As a lad I remember a tv programme that really inspired me. I thought it was called Search Control and…

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Tom Daley

Well my youngest talked me into bringing her to Bluewater to attend a book signing by the Olympic Diver Tom Daley. Now I know what it must have been like for the Beatles! If i were Tom, I would be scared. Teenage girls are a scary prospect at the best of times. But several hundred…

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