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Problem using Win32DiskImager to write to SD Card – Error 5, Lock problem

Same day that my Pi arrived, I tried to write the Debian squeeze image to an 8GB Sandisk Micro SD. Actually I tried it with a 2GB unbranded and found the same problem. The problem was that when clicking the ‘Write’ button in Win32DiskImager, it would say it could not lock the disk, the disk…

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At last…

my Pi has arrived. Having ordered it on 3/3/12, it arrived by First Class Royal Mail this morning. The anticipation was unnatural I’m sure. I thought once opened, that huge anticipation would quickly ebb, but now there is SO MUCH that can be done with it. It’s not like a dvd or a book i.e….

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It’s shipped!

omg, my Pi has been shipped from Element 14. Farnell just pinged me an email saying it’s been shipped. No tracking number yet, but will keep refreshing. I’m guessing it’s a Monday delivery now as it’s Friday today. Why do people always ship things on Fridays!!!??? Exciting times. More will be posted…

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Why more houses

What is it with councils that they have to follow the line of ‘We must build more and more houses’? Where I live, the town has expanded relentlessly in the last thirty years. My trip to work takes more than twice as long as it did twenty years ago because of the sheer volume of…

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Siemens Wireless Doorbells

Well I spent bloody ages, on several occasions too, looking for how to make my wireless doorbell push switch unit work with the chime part after changing the batteries! It seems they lose their pairing information instantly and so need to be paired in some way. I tried to guess the method, and as it…

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