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Siemens Wireless Doorbells

Well I spent bloody ages, on several occasions too, looking for how to make my wireless doorbell push switch unit work with the chime part after changing the batteries! It seems they lose their pairing information instantly and so need to be paired in some way.

I tried to guess the method, and as it happens guessed right, but it didn’t work as the battery in the bell push was too low too, not just the chime unit batteries I had changed. At least when you know the real method, that leaves fewer variables when it doesn’t work!

So here are PDFs of the instructions which I accidentally found again after months of not having a doorbell! Copyright Siemens of course. But if they can’t be bothered to make them available then I will! Hope they’re useful, please leave a comment.

There’s a lot to be said for old-fashioned wired doorbells.

Siemens Wireless Doorbell Instructions DCWF21

Siemens Wireless Doorbell Instructions DCWF4 and 5


  • Thanks very much – I cannot wait to go back to the wired bell! 😉

  • Pleasure. You don’t know how useful they are until they stop working!

  • Thanks so much for this, tried changing the batteries in my mum’s doorbell chime unit (a DCFW21) and couldn’t figure out why it still wouldn’t work – a new battery in the push button unit followed by a reset as per the instructions and all is fine. Much appreciated!

  • How do I change the batteries in the door chime unit? DCWF4. I cannot see how it opens and where the batteries are. I need to change operating code as there is another door bell close by which is causing my chimes to ring when no one is at the door.

  • Does anyone have instructions on how to change the frequency on a Siemens jsjs-204? I’d like to try this before I buy another.


  • Anyone who wants a cheap fix to the dodgy bell push problem….My local surplus shop has a stock of the elusive replacement bell push. Several types available, only a few quid each and they are available for delivery from their website
    Hope this is of some use!

  • Many Many thanks, unfortunately I only found your blog after buying a new one. They seem to be selling them off for £12. I had been searching under “manual” I only found your blog when I searched under “instructions”.

  • Why won’t my RING video doorbell connect to my wi-fi??? please help?
    Ok so I just upgraded to the fios Quatum gateway router mind you the internet and router are up and running fully functional but when ever I try and connect my RING video doorbell it either doesn’t connect and tells me to repeat the process or tells my my RING doorbell has connected to my network but my network isn’t connect to the internet when it clearly is connected to the internet since I can connect my phone and other devices to my wifi and surf the web

  • Ray
    Have you found out any more?
    Ours does the same – new battery in push button did not resolve.

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