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.cc and B&Q

Grr. My favourite personal email address is under the .cc top level domain. I love the address, it is my equivalent of a personalised number plate. But, B&Q’s website says it is invalid. It is about the only site I have found that rejects it. I believe it is taking exception to the .cc TLD….

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People keep calling my landline saying they are returning my call

At work we started having a problem last week where people were calling our desktop direct dial numbers saying they were returning our calls. We don’t advertise our direct dial numbers. It quickly became apparent that the people calling were not part of a scam, were returning calls they had genuinely received and missed and…

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Dear Dad, wish you could see this!

Dear Dad, You left us in 1999, it happened to be on 20th July, the 30th anniversary of the first moon walk. Thirty years before, I remember you sitting in a chair in our new house, a 405 line black and white tv on, watching what seemed like a never-changing picture of those moon walkers….

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Emailing from Excel (and others) says no MAPI client, ‘Old version of Outlook running’ or ‘No profile setup in Outlook’.

We had a good one today. Initially it was noticed a new install of Exchequer (accounting and stock system) on a brand new laptop would not allow dcuments to be emailed. Said MAPI was unavailable. Office 2013 had been installed from a standard ISO and a mail account and so profile was setup, available and…

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I wanted to make a comment about how damn good the monthly Hackerbox from is. I had seen them online, but it was only when I was at DEFCON last year that I was able to peer inside the boxes they were selling there. Irresistible. As soon as I returned home I subscribed. They…

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Garland Brothers and the golden age of hobby electronics

Does anyone reading this remember Garland Brothers on Deptford Broadway? When I was about 11 onwards, I became interested big-time in what my Dad did as a hobby – Electronics. He had studied radio maintenance in the RAF as a National Service recruit and it led to a lifetimes interest in radio and electronics. In…

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G6AFY = 33

It’s 12pm on 14th February 2015 and G6AFY is exactly 33 years old today! On this day in 1981 I pressed that PTT and spoke with Les, G8MKU who was all of 100 yards away. A wonderful hobby.

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I love Logitech!

I find Logitech a superb brand, one I always go for if I have a choice. I bought one of their K750 Solar powered keyboards last year. I was just after a decent keyboard, the solar feature is not that important to me. But the keyboard is the best I have ever had the pleasure…

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Outlook 2003 loses large portions of sent emails

Yeah I know Outlook 2003 is out of support now, but for those who still use it… Users were noticing that when they sent longer emails, large chunks of the emails were not sent. That is they were truncated at some seemingly random point in the text. It came to light when recipients were replying…

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People try to balance arguments about the strangest things – upsetting hackers.

Is it just me? The article below contains a couple of counter-arguments in an attempt to balance the rights of hackers against the attempts by GCHQ to disrupt their activities. For example: “Legally, we enter a very grey area here; where members of Lulzsec were arrested and incarcerated¬†for carrying out DoS attacks, but it seems…

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