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I love Logitech!

I find Logitech a superb brand, one I always go for if I have a choice.

I bought one of their K750 Solar powered keyboards last year. I was just after a decent keyboard, the solar feature is not that important to me. But the keyboard is the best I have ever had the pleasure to lay fingers on. The action is like no other keyboard I have used, so positive and clicky. It has a fairly short press distance and the key tops have a slight depression in them. I really can’t rave about it enough. If you can, go and find one in a store and see what I mean. Okay they’re not cheap at £60 or so, but it’s worth every penny – £70 when I bought mine!

It’s so good I feel like buying several to horde away in case they decide to stop making them!

Not only a beautiful keyboard, but they have the Unifying Receiver. So instead of having the two nano dongles I had in there for the keyboard and the Logitech mouse I use, You can download their unifying software HERE and pair the mouse with the keyboard dongle too! Now just one dongle and a free usb port again.

I love Logitech!

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