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About Time

I don’toften feel so moved by a film that I immediately want to come home and share it with the world, but Richard Curtis’ ‘About Time’ is one of those very few.

What a masterful piece of work, full of smiles and humour and definately tears. I love Time Travel, it is the single most interesting subject in the world to me. I have seen and read dozens of Time Travel stories, but this one just hit all the right buttons.

Bill Nighy is just, well Bill Nighy – the best actor we have in the country. He just can not do anything wrong. The lead was played by Domhnall Gleeson. Now I’ve not heard of Domhnall before but he is going to be appearing again and again – a superb performance. So too from Rachel McAdams, she was perfectly cast as Mary. Interesting that she was the partner of the time travelling husband in The Time Traveller’s Wife…

The concepts which appeared towards the end of the story, such as the fact that Tim is visiting his deceased Father by going back is truly wonderful and visualised very cleverly. Then he has to choose between seeing his Father or having another child and, well, how do you ever make that decision? It certainly had male and female tears flowing.

I can not praise this film enough. As it ended I lent over to my wife’s and said everyone in the UK should be made to watch this film every six months, to remind us of what we have and how to really, really see what we have.

Thanks Mr Curtis.

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