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August 22nd 2022

Happy Birthday, Rich x. You are much missed.

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Danny Dunn and…

I recently sold a tatty old book I had bought on ebay. It was from a series, begun in the 50s, called Danny Dunn and…’. When I was about 8 or 9, I found a book in my school library (Bybrook Junior School) called ‘Danny Dunn Invisible Boy’ by Jay Williams and Raymond Abrashkin. One…

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Hot dust

Sounds like a good name for a band. But I’m referring to a smell. I’ve been furloughed for quite a long period now (nearly half a year now I work it out). It’s been difficult keeping my brain focused at times, seems like it will never end. One thing I have steeled myself to do…

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Dear Dad, wish you could see this!

Dear Dad, You left us in 1999, it happened to be on 20th July, the 30th anniversary of the first moon walk. Thirty years before, I remember you sitting in a chair in our new house, a 405 line black and white tv on, watching what seemed like a never-changing picture of those moon walkers….

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Letting go of our ‘stuff’

This is an indulgent post, so forgive me. I have categorised it under Personal so that does explain it away. Since I lost my wife last year, I keep getting these sudden, crystal-clear insights into ideas. One that frequently hits, and hit they do, is the concept that in a sudden moment, all of your stuff,…

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Garland Brothers and the golden age of hobby electronics

Does anyone reading this remember Garland Brothers on Deptford Broadway? When I was about 11 onwards, I became interested big-time in what my Dad did as a hobby – Electronics. He had studied radio maintenance in the RAF as a National Service recruit and it led to a lifetimes interest in radio and electronics. In…

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Sleepers are, I imagine, not something one comes across much these days. Not the old wooden ones at least. Sleepers were of course the heavy chunks of wood that ran the length and breadth of the country below our train tracks. They sat perpendicular to the rail line and supported it. I see they have…

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Danny Dunn Invisible Boy comes true!

So, I am seeing something I dreamed of as a lad come true in my lifetime. As a 9 year old, I read a book from my primary school library that had a great and lasting influence on me. It was called Danny Dunn Invisible Boy and was part of a series of books about…

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Tastecard on your bank statement? Don’t cancel your debit card!

A word of warning… if you buy Cineworld vouchers via Tastecard, when the transaction appears on your bank statment, it will show If like me you can’t think what that transaction is and tap that address in, it is just a dodgy looking affiliate links site. That immediately put my fraud antennae up and…

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Donald Samuel, Headmaster, Bybrook Infant and Junior Schools

I’ve only just leaned of the passing of my old headmaster, Donald Samuel. I wanted to say something because I always felt he had influenced my life over many years. He was an old school type of headmaster, you knew not to do anything wrong as he could show great displeasure! But he ran the…

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