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Ricoh MP C2504 ex Photocopier/Printer Admin Password Change/Reset

If I find myself spending an inordinate time on Google looking for something, I try to record it here to try and reduce the time for others searching for the same, often straightforward, enquiry.

Here I was trying to find out how to change the admin login password for our Ricoh MP C2504ex Photocopier/Printer. On delivery the admin password was set to blank.

Searching around I found two or three methods, but none seemed to relate exactly to what we have, so here goes:

  • Login as Admin using the default password (blank in our case)
  • In the left pane, choose ‘Device Management’, then ‘Configuartion’ on the sub-menu.
  • Choose ‘Program/Change Administrator’.
  • Here I only ticked ‘Administrator 1’ for all four roles shown, then under ‘Administrator 1’ below clicked ‘Change’ and entered the new password and OK.
  • The important thing here is to click OK again to return to the previous ‘Configuration’ screen, or the password will not be stored.

I have no idea why I could not find this before. It seems obvious now which option I should have chosen but I just did not see that option in the numerous ones available! Plus I think I was biased towards other options by my previous Google searches which seemed to relate to what I was seeing. Anyway, I hope it helps someone.

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