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The Split

I finished watching the last episode of The Split 3 on iPlayer today. I haven’t posted here for ages but I felt compelled after watching that. I am just in awe at the extraordinary skills the actors who created this world possess. I just do not know how they can make their work so utterly believable.

Perhaps some have been through divorces and so have experience to draw on. I’m not going to go looking as that’s their business. I’ve no doubt many of them will have experienced bereavement so will have that to draw on. But it is still so remarkable that they can pull up those emotions, feelings and reactions on demand, just as they are required.

I take my (virtual) hat off to them all for what they do, but I would like to single out Nicola Walker. Every time she appears on my screen she seems to take her work to a new level. For me, that last… ten… seconds of the last episode trashed me. What she packed into that ten seconds just using her facial expressions was just stunning. Actors breaking the fourth wall always seem to have that effect on me, I find it a very effective method to pull me in. But that ten seconds, she seemed to be looking at ME. Just me. Thank you Ms Walker for creating a moment there that spoke to my soul. Amazing.

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