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I’m back at DEFCON again, it is difficult to stay away once you’ve been… I seem to be going through the usual re-discovery of how to make life easier here, so I will blog notes here which will hopefully be useful to others too. Eating: Breakfast is probably best at McDonald’s at first. I remembered…

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Proops and other surplus memories…

When I were a lad… here we go again… There was a very healthy market in surplus electrical¬† and electronic equipment. It seemed to be the hub of this market was Tottenham court Road in London. My Dad introduced me to Proops in Tottenham Court Road. I remember you would walk in and there would…

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Scilly Isles

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Ain’t the internet wonderful? Probe and Jamie Dodger

Ain’t it? Once upon a time, a memory was just that. Now you can find those memories and order them up from goodness knows where in the world. Then the memory drops on your mat… As a lad I remember a tv programme that really inspired me. I thought it was called Search Control and…

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Tom Daley

Well my youngest talked me into bringing her to Bluewater to attend a book signing by the Olympic Diver Tom Daley. Now I know what it must have been like for the Beatles! If i were Tom, I would be scared. Teenage girls are a scary prospect at the best of times. But several hundred…

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