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Ain’t the internet wonderful? Probe and Jamie Dodger

Ain’t it? Once upon a time, a memory was just that. Now you can find those memories and order them up from goodness knows where in the world. Then the memory drops on your mat…

As a lad I remember a tv programme that really inspired me. I thought it was called Search Control and I remember it starred someone called Burgess Meredith. It was about some sort of secret agent who wore a necklace that had a miniature tv camera on it. Pictures were relayed back to ‘Search Control’ who ran the operation.

I periodically looked for mention of this programme, to check it wasn’t just a figment of my boyhood imagination. Certainly people began mentioning it here and there, mainly asking the same question I was – did it exist. Then a couple of weeks ago I searched again and someone somewhere mentioned the pilot film had been released and was called ‘Probe’. And there it was on Amazon, from the USA for less than a tenner. It dropped on my mat today, I’ve watched it and it was just as good as I remember it (Probe) Apparently Warner Archive may be looking at releasing the actual tv programme that I remember too. Sigh. Amazingly the tech portrayed in the film still holds up today. What they were simulating then, as it was far from possible, can now just about be done for real. Not bad for a 40 year old film.

So now it is no longer a blurred memory. I think that is probably good…

One other programme I remember was a time travel based children’s adventure. This was when I was even younger but I remember it lucidly as it was my (still) favourite subject of all time – Time Travel. During the same search for Probe, I came across a whole episode of Jamie on Youtube. Yes, a whole episode! How did whoever even record it in the early 70s?!!! Anyway, there it is and I am eternally grateful – Jamie

Actually I’ve just seen that it was issued on a Look back DVD collection, there are a few of them with all sorts of old series… memories made crystal clear.

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