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Time Travellers

I read a lot of Time Travel novels and watch a lot of Time Travel films. It is the most interesting Sci Fi subject going I reckon, so much space for interesting twists and occurrences…

So I have a theory. If time travellers from the future travel back, they will want to prove they are there. So how do they do that? Well, they make themselves appear in postcards from the time, cards they know already exist. Here is a very good example.

Can you see the Time Traveller? There are a few candidates, they are the ones looking at the camera whilst everyone else is looking at the centre of attention. Most to me are real people of their time who just happened to be glancing backwards. But there is one woman who is very determinedly looking back at the camera, fully turned round. She is almost dead centre vertically and about one third in from the left. Can you see her? She is wanting to be seen in the image, I’m surprised she isn’t waving too!

I have several cards with people looking back like this. I wonder where they are from. Sorry, when 😉

Headley crowd

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