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People keep calling my landline saying they are returning my call

At work we started having a problem last week where people were calling our desktop direct dial numbers saying they were returning our calls. We don’t advertise our direct dial numbers.

It quickly became apparent that the people calling were not part of a scam, were returning calls they had genuinely received and missed and the number they had on their call list was ours!

My first reaction was our switch was misconfigured or infected but these were ruled out. Long story short, it’s a network wide problem as the people still calling us over a week later are saying they are getting the calls themelves!

I am blogging this as I can see NO mention whatsoever of it on the web so I hope this might start a discussion. Please do comment if you have seen problems or have any insight. It’s an interesting problem from a technical point of view. I honestly wonder if the BT platform has been attacked…


  • ok this is recent Marchi post, but i was googling Raspberry Pi problems.
    Is BT British Telecom?
    in the states Verizon/Frontier I get robo calls ( three per day for extended car warranties) and the displayed caller IDs numbers are all disconnected /no longer in service numbers.

  • Hi, Yes BT is British Telecom. Interesting you get similar calls. You would think there was a way to trace the true source of a call but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    This problem here is really annoying and quite widespread, but there seems to be absolutely no mention of it anywhere! Very strange. It has only been happening for a couple of weeks and BT are blaming the calls as having come from another carrier into their system. Right.

    Thanks for replying.

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