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Ignorant phone users (Sainsbury’s)

Take a look at this news story on the Beeb news site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23158579

I say good for the checkout operator, ignorant bloody woman. I see it as the height of bad manners to be chatting on a mobile whilst the operator scans your stuff. They have to tell you how much it is at the end, how can they do that? The ignorant phone user would be the first to complain if she arrived home and found a mistake. When I’ve been behind someone doing this in a queue, it’s taken all of my British reserve to not tell them to not be so rude. I say ‘them’ as men do it too.

Grrr. That’s better.

Honestly Sainsbury’s, do you think it would put anyone off shopping with you if you said it was your policy? I think you would probably get a collective cheer and any who are offended are better off elsewhere anyway.

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