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At last…

My much anticipated Raspberry Pi!my Pi has arrived. Having ordered it on 3/3/12, it arrived by First Class Royal Mail this morning. The anticipation was unnatural I’m sure.

I thought once opened, that huge anticipation would quickly ebb, but now there is SO MUCH that can be done with it. It’s not like a dvd or a book i.e. a singleĀ  purpose item, the possibilities are almost endless. Certainly I will be building a media centre for streaming content to the tv. Certainly this will be incorporated into my exisiting security setup. It will help me to learn to program in Python, never looked at it before. Perhaps other languages too.

The other thing of course is that I can play with it whereever I am. Leave it on with vnc and I can connect and play anywhere I have a connection – which is just about anywhere these days!

Yes, I filmed myself opening the package – this seems to be the geek thing to do these days. And why not.

Watch this space for what happens next…

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