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Seekers Lettings in Ashford

If you are thinking of renting a property and it’s being let by Seekers Lettings in Ashford Kent, there is something you might like to consider…

When you leave, they will hang on to your deposit for months. I believe the law says it should be returned within ten days of vacation and agreement of any amount that must be deducted for damage etc.

But this company will hang on to it until they receive all of your final utility bills for the property. Now, as anyone knows, Southern Water (local sewage/drainage company) is a dinosaur. They wait for the final reading of water used from Mid Kent Water (or their new name) and then it can still be several weeks plus before a bill will come out. Normally this makes no difference to anyone. But you will not get your deposit back until Seekers see it. Can’t see that it’s legal, but who has the money to face them in court?

Certainly Ashford Citizens Advice were really interested to hear what I told them.

I only received mine back after twelve weeks because I ranted at the arse of a Director and threatened him with legal action.

So I wouldn’t recommend them at all. Be warned!

EDIT: 4th November 2015 (over 4.5 years after I posted this!)

Seems I was right, the bastard has just been convicted! Thieving fraudster. Suspended sentence of course. Useless.

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