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Raspberry Pi

This seems like a superb idea. When I began in computing, indeed when I later came to teach it, we were learning/teaching programming. Every home computer was basically there waiting to be programmed. Loading a purchased game onto it was a sideline activity. ICT in schools does not teach programming as far as I know, so it’s time to get back to that.

When you’ve watched this, go and read Rory Cellan-Jones’ blog here and see how this phone-shot video went ‘viral’. I like his blog and the reports he does for BBC TV and Radio 4.

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  • Well I’m going to leave a comment on my own blog! Today (a wednesday) was the great Raspberry Pi day. On Monday, the foundation announced that a very important announcement would be made at 0600 on Wednesday. That was 0600 this morning and there I was at 0545 hitting F5 on their website.

    The announcement was that they had arranged with RS and farnell to distribute the Raspis. So off to RS and Farnell we all went, except there were probably twenty thousand of us and both sites gave up instantly! I certainly didn’t end up with one of these beautys today! I have registered my interest with both companies so hope to hear from at least one before too long. Can’t wait. I think the Pi is going to cause a not so little revolution in how we see IT taught in this country. Good luck to them!

    Leave a comment if managed to get one.

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