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Lightening strike in Godmersham

Well I’ve never seen this before. I was visiting Godmersham Church recently. It’s a small village about half way between Ashford and Canterbury. Just to the left of the entrance to the church stands a tree which appears to have received a lightening strike.

A ‘gouge’ runs from as far up as I can see to ground level, following a spiral path.A view showing the spiral path

It is 15 to 20cm deep and is heavily charred within. It seems to me that the bark has begun to grow inwards and so I wondered if this meant it had happened quite some time ago. I guess it was struck near the top and luckily for it, the current ran down the moist outer material to ground. I imagine the moisture instantaneously boils and the material literally explodes with the pressure from gasses produced?

Anyway, it is a sight to behold, and I am very glad the tree survived.

20130720_120055 20130720_120101

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