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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

It’s never a good idea to have your blog open whilst listening to music. Maybe it’s just me, but you suddenly feel you need to tell the world about that amazing track you just listened to!

I saw Jools Holland and his band many years back, at the Royal Albert Hall. The one act that stood out for me the most was Marc Almond singing Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. I just remember I was stunned, goose pimples up my arms, tears in my eyes. So I’ve just found that track on a newspaper compilation and played it and guess what? I’m stunned, goose pimples up my arms, tears in my eyes. That man has a stunning voice and the song is perfect for Soft Cell. Interestingly I see the credit on it is for Holland. Did Jools write it? I shall have to research…

Also it reminds me of my good friend Keith Gibbs who was a great friend when I was at college. He did a great turn as Marc Almond once the eye make-up was applied, quite uncanny I seem to remember. Good old Plymouth Poly (83 – 86)!

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