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My Pi Projects

Looking here, I see I pretty much only mentioned my Pi activities when I received my first one! Since then I have completed a few projects and have a couple in development.

Photobooth2015-03-02 13.47.33
My first main project was a Photobooth – a very popular application of a Pi I found out. I built one for my daughter’s wedding in March and it was acceptably successful! It had a couple of flaws, things I have since learnt more about and fixed. I shall write this up sometime, but if you want more detail, please do leave a comment now.

Shed Security System
My shed is my haven and I wanted to protect it. My first ever electronics project when I was about 11 was a burglar alarm for my bedroom and it has never quite left my imagination! I have created a master/slave system where the master sits in the shed with door/window switches connected. The slave sits indoors or wherever I am and connects to the wifi. If an event occurs, the master sends a notification to the slave which beeps and shows details on the lcd. Again, I shall write this up, but please ask in the meantime if you would like details…


Radio 4/ Radio 4 Extra two station Internet Radio!2015-05-14 23.44.33
I listen to only two radio stations, day in, day out. So I made myself an Internet Radio which only plays those two channels. It starts up on Radio 4. You press the button, it plays Radio 4 Extra. You press the button, it plays Radio 4 etc etc etc. Ask and the details are yours until I write them up!

Timelapse Camera
This is just finished and will be boxed at the weekend. It has been taking a picture every one minute this last week between 3am and 9pm. I have been using the excellent Virtual Dub to play them and create the odd avi file from them. It’s been really interesting seeing what visits my garden during the day! And the Snails look fantastic running around on the grass.

The main aim is to set it up stuck to the inside of my back window and take maybe one image per hour. I want to create a year in the life of my garden, should be interesting.

This is a really simple project and as I keep saying, it will be written up!

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