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Siemens Wireless Doorbells

Well I spent bloody ages, on several occasions too, looking for how to make my wireless doorbell push switch unit work with the chime part after changing the batteries! It seems they lose their pairing information instantly and so need to be paired in some way.

I tried to guess the method, and as it happens guessed right, but it didn’t work as the battery in the bell push was too low too, not just the chime unit batteries I had changed. At least when you know the real method, that leaves fewer variables when it doesn’t work!

So here are PDFs of the instructions which I accidentally found again after months of not having a doorbell! Copyright Siemens of course. But if they can’t be bothered to make them available then I will! Hope they’re useful, please leave a comment.

There’s a lot to be said for old-fashioned wired doorbells.

Siemens Wireless Doorbell Instructions DCWF21

Siemens Wireless Doorbell Instructions DCWF4 and 5


  • Sir you are a star
    I knew there was absolutely no point in hunting for my copy of the doorbell instructions ‘cos I know I threw them away, thinking “what could possibly go wrong”.
    After about a month of the chime sounding randomly I knew the answer to that. All I needed was to go online, download the instructions (because EVERYBODY puts instructions online these days) and I’d be sorted…………

    That was around the end of last year. Today I thought I’d take one last look before spending out on a new unit (which wouldn’t have been a Siemens) and there was the info.
    So thanks again


  • i love you. the seller didn’t leave me and trashed the user manual. my chime was ringing at every other doorbell. not mine!

    btw the automatic code registration is simply stupid. it means you cannot unplug the chime or you’ll have to re-register.

  • Brilliant thanks. I’ve a slightly different model but this did the trick. Can’t believe Seimens don’t publish them.

  • Thank you – Siemens simply don’t do manuals in electronic format, it seems. Had a problem with a similar model, which you managed to sort out. I think I will be getting a different make of doorbell in future!

  • I have a mains unit JSJS-205. Have just moved to this apartment so have no manual and has been said Seimens don’t publish their manual(s) on line – useless. Have changed the main battery (CR2032) and still no joy! Any ideas?

  • Siemens wireless bell pushes are nothing short of rubbish. I shelled out a lot of money on one of their kits and now I’m on my forth bell push! I have now decided to to revert back to the good old fashioned wired bell. Siemens should be ashamed to put their name to such a shoddy product and I will never consider them again.

  • Have a JSJS-203 portable and mains unit but it seems that the bellpush button doesn’t work. When pressing the melody selector both units chime, but when pressing the bell push button nothing happens. Anyone can tell me where I can get a spare push button unit?

  • I have a Siemens wireless doorbell kit, model Jsjs-204′
    Missing the bell push unit , has anybody got a spare one? Thanks.

  • I have a Siemens wireless doorbell kit, model Jsjs-204′
    Missing the bell push unit , has anybody got a spare one? Thanks.

  • Could not agree more with all previous comments. Bell push malfunction – no spares are available just lots of people asking where they can get spares – suggest the dark side of the moon!!. Siemens website only covers large items painted white – like fridges etc!! Should realise that with batteries in both bell push and internal unit something was going to go wrong. The external unit is inadequately sealed therefore suffers from damp ingress. Expensive mistake – BE WARNED THIS IS RUBBISH EQUIPMENT. Reverted to old fashioned wire connection with a loud ring rather than some chime.

  • I have a Siemens JSJS-203 and it is absolutely a pile of ####. It continuously loses it signal, there is no on-line manual and at one stage I got it working. If you have this or have bought it, take it back to where you purchased it. It is expensive and really bad. Siemens should be ashamed that their name is on such a shoddy product.

  • I have a JSJS-208 and these instructions worked first attempt. Many thanks.

  • I too have the Siemens jsjs-203 & it is the most pathetic excuse for a doorbell I’ve ever seen.
    The batteries constantly run out and when it (eventually) rings, it often makes a noise, which can only be described as a security alarm at a supermarket going off.
    Fortunately my father in law gave it to me, so there is no cost involved – although now I know why he palmed this one off to me when he got a new one

  • Thank you!

    Almost four years since you posted this and still making people happy!!! I have the JSJS 208 which now works.

  • Glad they are still of use to people! Out of all my posts, this has received the most comments I think, except perhaps a Raspberry Pi entry.

    Glad to be of service…

  • Hi, I have a JSJS204 set up, with a push at back and front doors that chime with different tunes. However, the one at the front is quite exposed to the weather and never works for more than a day. The one at the back, sheltered under a porch, has worked fine for a year or more. I have replaced the front bell push twice. I assumed that damp was getting in so sealed it with tape and silicon sealant, but it still packs up after a day or less. Can anyone advise?

  • Your doorbell instructions look fine but they don’t apply to the JSJS204 model which is a plug-in version, therefore the business of taking out all the batteries to reset the units doesn’t apply. So how do I reset the 204 version?

  • I am trying to find a new door bell for my wireless siemens chime and bell sytem. I have 4 chimes and 2 bells. None of the stores seem to stock them now and cannot track any down, can you help? thanks

  • Agree with all above and thank you for posting. I use the 203 as the remote bell in my office , but like Dino above I get the random alarm noise – annoying!

    Andrew Thompson – I assume that unplugging the unit will have the same efffect as removing batteries?

  • I have a Siemens doorbell model JSJS-211 and the bell push no longer works. Expensive kit let down by the details. So poorly made. I recommend you buy a different product. I cannot find any spares and Siemens website just sends you to B&Q like they take no responsibility for a product with their name on it. Shabby.

  • Fourth Siemens bell push failed tonight. Went down to B&Q only to find they no longer stock them. At least it forces me to bin this pile of sh!te. This is without doubt the worst item I have ever bought. I gave it the benefit of the doubt first couple of times – why didn’t I wise up…don’t go there!

  • Glad I found this site. My Siemens door bell is rubbish. Cost nearly £30, but I’d thrown away the receipt, instructions etc. Been searching without success for a replacement bell push. Have now given up and bought a Byron door chime.

  • I bought a Siemens door bell Model JSJS-205, which has proved absolute rubbish, stopped working again. I was informed by B&Q (one of their workers) that they have had so many complaints, and people returning them that Siemens no longer support or sell them anymore. Response from Siemens & B&Q was virtually “Hard Luck”. Can’t or Wont do anything about it. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been a cheap bell, but at approx. £36. They should have withdrawn this product, and issued a refund.

  • I bought a JSJS -204 over a year ago and had nothing but trouble with the bell push. The battery discharges discharges within weeks of normal use. Have changed many batteries and now after inserting a new battery the bell push refuses to work, though , the chime adjust internal button works but the outer does not. Trying to get a replacement Bell push is like like circumnavigate the world blindfolded. It is a complete disgrace for a Company like Siemens to manufacture such expensive Rubbish Door Bells and no spare parts available. Mine cost £30 plus.
    Any Help Please?

  • My parents have the same problem with their Siemens doorbell. I can change the chime sound but the bell push doesn’t work.

    It doesn’t surprise me for something from Siemens, over-priced rubbish.

    It works if I bridge two of the contacts on the back of the pcb so it looks like it is just a switch failure. I may try soldering in a new switch if I can find something suitable.

  • Peters
    I have exactly the same problem as you. If you track down a new switch can you let me know.

  • I only wish I had seen these comments before I bought my 208 model. Have had nothing but problems with the bellpush. Better to have no bell at all than this! Thought that by buying Siemens (and not cheap), that it would be a quality product. Sadly mistaken – avoid at all costs!

  • I wish I had seen these comments I have the siemens JSJS-205 and I am on my 3rd bell push, what a load of rubbish. Never again. If I could get someone to fit me a wired bell I would go back to one of them.

  • I have now change bell push but it keeps playing different tunes every time it is pushed, so annoying. Also the little button on the back will not change the tune, it keeps playing the same one. I am so angry with this product. Being a disabled elderly widow on my own it is very hard to sort it myself. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Couldn’t agree more with the comments. My randomly goes off 3-4 times a day especially in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t have minded if it ws a tenny from the market, but this is an expensive doorbell. My next bell’s going to be pull cord, string and a bell ! or clockwork like my Grandad had…

  • ive had exactly tyhe same provblem with this mopdel.battery life is amazingly low.needs changing once a month and the bell push now doesnt work only if you bridge the terminals or press the bell select button.i bought this as was next to the priciest one in b and q and what a massive mistake i future ill go for the most robust looking one on the market but never a siemens

  • You can receive a manual for the JSJS-203 and similar by contacting who have taken over management of Siemens door bells. I just phoned them, a very nice engineer named Karen Sambrook sent me some PDFs by email. Their phone number is +44 (0) 1543 438310. The manual solved my problem which sounds similar to several above.

  • Thanks for that Jerry. How did you find out about Electrium? This post certainly attracted a lot of comment, there seems to be quite a bit of bad feeling out there. Perhaps Electrium can go some way to reversing that.

    Many thanks.


  • I think I found the micro switches for the bell push. Go to and in the part search type TLL6. For a bank busting £0.48p each (plus their standard £3.95 p&p for orders under £20 or free for orders over £20) you can choose to have a red, green or yellow led in your button. As it’s probably going break again it might be worth going the whole fiver and ordering up 2 switches to keep one for spare. Just remember to note which way round to position the new switch or the led won’t work.

  • Brilliant site still providing more information than Siemens. Nearly bought new doorbell system today, then found this site and then problem cured.

    Siemens should be ashamed.

  • I have a 204 which ‘looses’ its operation after a short time. taking it out of the power socket for a few seconds and then plugging back in resets it for a few hours or until it is used! If I am expecting a visitor I have to remember to power down and up! Friends ring on their mobiles at the front door rather than try the bell!!!

  • The Siemens doorbell (jsjs203) stopped working . The l.e.d. on the chime remained lit so I changed the batteries in the chime. This made no difference so I changed the battery in the push. This made no difference. I tried the instructions that are posted but no joy. Any ideas?

  • Judging from the comments above adding a second bell push as described in the Siemens instructions is not going to be a happy experience. Just installed the first bell push on the front door and have got it working okay. Now trying the second bell push !! No luck . Any suggestions. All batteries new !

  • Life saver. I was about to junk the unit and buy a different one.
    Many many thanks

  • I’ve owned two Siemens wireless mains door bell systems, one was a JSJS-204, the other JSJS-205, both with JSJS-102 bell pushes. Both bell pushes failed in an unacceptably short time, and one of the mains units would stop “ringing” after one use, needing a mains off/on to reset. I agree with all negative comments and I’ll never buy another Siemens product again.

  • I bought the JSJS-204
    Sometime ago I had someone call me on my mobile & asked when I would be home. Having never gone out I checked the door bell & found out that it didn’t work. I moved the bell to another mains socket & it worked . After some time it stopped. I kept getting this work/don’t work scenario for quite some time .

    Additionally, I’d sometimes hear the bell, go to the door and find nobody there. Either it was the invisible man, kids playing or something paranormal from X-Files but rather believe it was the bell unit just doing its own thing. I was telling this story to a neighbour who was aware that I’d been having problems and told me he knew when I was getting a visitor because his bell would activate even if mine didn’t. I figured that he must be on the same frequency as me. Anyhow, to cut a long story short I’ve dumped the JSJS-204 and will not entertain another Siemens product again.

  • We have a model JSJS-207 and we are changing battery every 2to3 weeks just bought a different make of battery as I thought is may have been bad batch of the 10 duracell ones , let’s try this one before I order new bell push , but after reading all these comments I will just cut my losses and buy a new set but not seimans

  • Brilliant site. Thankyou.
    Just found a new bell push on ebay for our wirefree Siemens system. Then of course needed to register it to our plug in and a battery chime.
    Your site meant it worked a treat.
    That will teach me to be more careful with my screwdrivers and stuff in future.

  • Hi, many thanks for this information – I have had a JSJS-208 for about 3 years, and although I had replaced the receiver batteries several times, the push button battery has only just failed. I replaced it, but although it lit up when pressed, the chime didn’t work. I presumed the whole thing would need to be replaced, but thought I would look online for a possible solution first. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I just removed the batteries to both parts, and hey presto – all working again! Although I didn’t actually need to follow your instructions, they made me realise that perhaps all was not lost. Incidentally, I will have the original instructions, but that’s part of the problem……. I have ALL the instructions for everything I own (and possibly have ever owned), so going through the filing cabinet would take some time!!!!

  • Many thanks for this.

    I have a JSJS-204 and it started buzzing (50Hz) not too long ago, so I took it apart and found the main capacitor had blown, with scorch marks on the circuit board.

    It seems these things are nothing but trouble. Mine disconnected randomly and needed switching off and on frequently, so I think it will get binned rather than repaired.

    If it was £5 chinese tat it wouldn’t be so annoying.

  • Was about to throw the bell away until I found this blog. I replaced the tactile switch in the bell push, Farnell part code 9472010 cost 47p (thanks JasonB) and it now works perfectly. As Jason says above, need to solder switch right way round on PCB or LED won’t light

  • Really helpful. Thanks. My original instructions are “in a safe place” somewhere!
    I would just add two things.
    1. On my mains version you have to insert the battery in the bell push unit, then, before pressing the bell push, hold down the tiny reset button on the side of the bell unit until there is a “beep”.
    2. I’ve tried Byron and Lloytron and they had the same problems as the Siemens.

  • This product seems pretty useless.

    I have analyzed the 433Mhz transmission coming from this doorbell, it should be a sequence of 8 bits for the unique code, plus 4 bits identifying the chime to play, such as:

    11110011 0001

    Instead, it transmits random gibberish frequently (seems worse in cold/damp weather), so the receiver does not detect when the push button is actually pressed!

    Do not buy this product.

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