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Finishing S104 and onwards…

Okay so I took the exam in Canterbury. It was really a very pleasant experience. Exams I had taken in the past determined my future, my career. This was for the hell of it and as such made not a jot of difference to my life. In fact I was in the mindset, well I can just take it again if I really want to! It was rather nice sitting at that desk and recalling the materials as best I could.

Then there is the long wait. Again, F5 becomes your best friend, refreshing that browser every hour. Results were due on October 28th. On Thursday 20th at 0645 there was no result, but then at 0900 at work, I realised the screen had changed! I’m very happy to report a pass and I was very happy with the percentage result – better than I had thought. My, it does spur you on.

So now I am immersed in MST124 – Essential Maths. Really enjoying that. So far it is reasonably familiar stuff to me but it is filling in lots of holes and just… so interesting. S141 has been a bit of a slow start for me. The interaction is a bit hard to gauge. Without the interaction you can become a bit adrift, so I need to be addressing that quite quickly.

There is only an exam for MST124 next June. S141 is based on two assessments and the overall interaction with group members during the course. I am a bit hazy about this so must look into it quickly.

Thanks for the life changing experience OU, not disappointed. Your change of tutorial booking system this year was a bit of a disaster, but it is slowly getting there.

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