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Cutting cards

A few days ago, I cut up a credit card. Quite a brave thing to do perhaps? Not really in that the one I cut up was not the one I meant to cut up!

My new company Visa card arrived and I got round to signing it and getting the old one out to cut it up. I’m not quite sure where things went wrong, but half way though cutting the ‘old’ card up, I realised it was not the old card, but a personal card I currently use!

This might be seen as a bit of a disaster I suppose. I think my immediate thoughts were that I could probably ask for another and say this one was accidentally damaged. But very quickly I felt a feeling of freedom from the card. You see I had been using it a little to much recently, not to any degree that it was causing a problem, but I was just treating myself (and others!) just a bit more than I should.

So all-in-all I am quietly happy that I cut it up and will try and carry on without it. Somehow I don’t think it will be a problem 🙂

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