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wxtoimg – changing baud rate for GPS and Receiver type

I have spent some months now using wxtoimg to receive the NOAA APT images on 137MHz. It is a well designed program and produces superb results.

Two small niggles I found are easily remedied it seems. Both require modification of the configuration file c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\WXtoImg\wxtoimg.cfg.  This filecontains all of the configuration settings for the software

Changing the minimum GPS baud rate

I have a Nikkai GPS Bluetooth receiver which can connect to the program to provide ground station position and precise time information. It needs to be connected to at 2400 Baud, but the minimum Baud rate shown by the software is 4800.

Find the following line and change the number against to that required, 2400 in my case:

  • GPS Baud: 4800

Changing the name of the receiver

I use an R2FU, obtained from GEO. This receiver does not appear in the drop-down-list. Find the following line and change the name against it:

  • Receiver Type: R2ZX

Remember to save the file and then start up the software. Note: if you did this while the software is running, when you exit to re-enter the software, wxtoimg will rewrite the file losing all your changes! So make sure the siftware is not running when you make these changes.

I hope this helps someone!

Additional note: I have since discovered that although this means the correct receiver type is reported in the results, it no longer seems to know the commands required to control the receiver. As yet, I have not been able to locate where these receiver control commands are stored.

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