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Proops and other surplus memories…

When I were a lad… here we go again… There was a very healthy market in surplus electrical  and electronic equipment. It seemed to be the hub of this market was Tottenham court Road in London. My Dad introduced me to Proops in Tottenham Court Road. I remember you would walk in and there would…

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Scilly Isles

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Ain’t the internet wonderful? Probe and Jamie Dodger

Ain’t it? Once upon a time, a memory was just that. Now you can find those memories and order them up from goodness knows where in the world. Then the memory drops on your mat… As a lad I remember a tv programme that really inspired me. I thought it was called Search Control and…

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Tom Daley

Well my youngest talked me into bringing her to Bluewater to attend a book signing by the Olympic Diver Tom Daley. Now I know what it must have been like for the Beatles! If i were Tom, I would be scared. Teenage girls are a scary prospect at the best of times. But several hundred…

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